Smart Home

Deliver the modern smart home experience your residents are seeking with secure and effective smart devices and smart sensors.

Property Benefits

Revenue boost

Take advantage of the increased rents residents are willing to pay for the smart home features they want.

Cost savings

Make the most of your budget with reduced operational costs, reduced risk, and fewer management headaches.

Resident retention

Win and keep residents by delivering comfort, convenience, and peace of mind through smart technology.

Resident features


Check on your home and control your lights, lock, and thermostat from wherever in the world you happen to be.


Configure and schedule temperatures and lighting in your home to be just the way you like them at just the right times.

Peace of mind

Get notifications for motion sensors and door/window sensors to know immediately about unauthorized access.

Smart Devices

Give your residents the ability to control smart devices (such as a light, lock, or thermostat) directly from their phone.

  • Modern resident experience

    Showcase the latest tech conveniences to help residents view your community as fresh and current.

    Vacant unit management

    Allow convenient access for contractors and gain remarkable energy savings by automating vacant units.

    Plug & play amenity

    Rapidly deploy a compelling offering that attracts new residents more cost-effectively than other amenities.

Smart Sensor

Deliver peace of mind and help residents feel connected to their homes through motion detectors, door contacts, and other sensors.

  • No false alarms

    In case of unusual behavior, the system alerts residents themselves, not law enforcement or emergency services.

    Peace of mind for residents

    Help residents feel safe knowing they'll be alerted of any unexpected access to their home.

    Incident tracking

    Request sensor data logs for possible evidence in case of break-ins, trespassing, or theft.

Home access control

Increase security, save staff time, and reduce hardware costs with a keyless entry system for residents and their guests.

  • Keyless entry

    Allow your residents to use their phone to access their front door instead of traditional keys or fobs.

    Guest access management

    Allow residents to manage and restrict visitor access to gates and their front door from a single app.

    Contractor access

    Grant scheduled access to vacant units for cleaners, painters, or other providers when residents move out.

Smart home controller

Improve resident experience and reduce cybersecurity risk through a stable and secure smart home controller hub in each unit.

  • World-class reliability

    Manufactured by the security hardware provider for some of the world's most secure locations.


    Built from a professional-grade security panel (instead of an off-the-shelf, easily-hackable computer).

    Made in the USA

    Designed, assembled, and programmed in the United States by local employees for maximum security.

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