Maximize your property ROI with amenities that drive real revenue.

Our unified community technology platform provides additional revenue streams while delivering a powerful and unique resident experience.
Developers planning for LittleBird Smart Access system

How does LittleBird drive property ROI?

LittleBird is a hardware and software platform that delivers relevant and sought-after features to residential communities in three areas:

Smart Access
Secure your property while still helping residents and their visitors feel welcome through a friendly and robust smart access platform.
Smart Home
Deliver the modern smart home experience your residents are seeking with secure and helpful smart devices and sensors.
Smart Community
Encourage your residents to connect with neighbors, amenities, and management through in-app smart community features.

Increase property revenue while lowering costs

LittleBird delivers significant savings of both time and money while directly increasing profits and introducing new revenue streams for your residential property.

Resident staying connected with the LittleBird app

Deliver a dynamic resident experience not offered by other communities

LittleBird delivers comfort, convenience, and peace of mind for your residents within a single, unified mobile app.

Help residents feel at home and connected
With LittleBird, your residents will feel like they really belong to your community and have the peace of mind of knowing what’s going on.
Avoid “app overload”
Give your residents a seamless experience with a single app for all their touchpoints (eliminating the usual confusing mess of multiple apps and web portals).
Provide a truly modern resident experience
Your residents will feel like they’re living in the future with fully-integrated smart access, smart home, and smart community features.
Multifamily community

Differentiate your property from competitors

Give your residents a thoughtful, modern, and convenient living experience that’s unmatched by any other provider in the market.

Offer a cost-effective technology package
Launching LittleBird at your property immediately gives you a suite of fully-integrated, world-class features at a price no other provider can match.
Deliver a real sense of community
LittleBird’s focus on connecting residents to their homes, neighbors, and surrounding area will create a unique feeling for your community that prospective residents will notice and appreciate.
Provide comfort, convenience, and peace of mind
With LittleBird, you’ll give your residents an experience that makes a real difference in their day-to-day lives, and they won’t forget it.
LittleBird gate entry

Manage guests and visitors with a world-class video intercom platform

Modern convenience
Bring your property into the future with a powerful video intercom and access control solution.
Touchless access
Allow both residents and guests to enter property gates without physically touching a keypad.
Safety and security
Connect with neighbors, property management, amenities, and local shops and services conveniently from your resident app.

See the LittleBird resident experience

Modern residents are looking for more than walls, a window, and a door. They want a rich experience, both inside the unit and out. LittleBird connects residents with their home, community, and neighborhood.

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