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LittleBird builds resident-focused technology for communities.

LittleBird is a hardware and software platform that delivers relevant and sought-after features to multifamily communities in three areas:

Smart Access
Secure your property while still helping residents and their visitors feel welcome through a friendly and robust smart access platform.
Smart Home
Deliver the modern smart home experience your residents are seeking with secure and helpful smart devices and sensors.
Smart Community
Encourage your residents to connect with neighbors, amenities, and management through in-app smart community features.

Benefits for residents

Check on your home and control your lights, lock, and thermostat from anywhere in the world.
Program and schedule temperatures and lighting in your home to be just the way you want them, whenever you want them.
Peace of mind
Get notifications for motion sensors and door/window sensors to know immediately about unauthorized access.

Benefits for owners and managers

Simpler operations
Let LittleBird handle day-to-day annoyances like collecting event and amenity fees from residents, tracking amenity reservations, and answering basic questions.
Increase resident conversion and retention
You’ll sign residents faster and keep them longer by delivering an exceptional experience with the features modern renters are seeking.
New revenue streams
 Introduce additional sources of income to the property, including amenity reservation fees or event cover charges conveniently paid through the resident app.

True growth opportunity

Residents' movement toward a rent-oriented lifestyle creates unparalleled opportunities for installers, resellers, and integrators to help multifamily properties adjust to this new reality.

Multifamily growth creates...
Amenity competition, which drives...
Technology upgrades, leading to...
Demand for integrators like you.

Expand your offerings by becoming a LittleBird Channel Partner

LittleBird can help you create opportunities for additional hardware and service revenue while using a proven platform that will make your clients (and their customers) happy.

Channel Partner levels

LittleBird offers 3 levels of partnership, with increasing levels of responsibilities and benefits for you, our partner. Partners may advance through the levels as they achieve the requirements of a higher level.

All Channel Partners are expected to match LittleBird’s commitment to exceptional customer service and to look for opportunities to share LittleBird’s offerings with potential customers.

Available training & certifications

LittleBird offers our Channel Partners various kinds of training and certifications in order to build confidence with our brand and our products.

Sales training

Looking for guidance on how to best promote and profit from LittleBird? This training covers two primary topics “What is LittleBird” and “Why and how to sell LittleBird?” in order to answer your most prominent questions.

Design training

This training covers when a design is required, the components of a design, the design process, how long the design process takes, and what information you need to create a design.

Installation training

This training offers an in-depth look at the installation process for our Smart Home platform, LittleBird Video Intercom, and associated networks.

Programming training

This training covers LittleBird Video Intercom system programming as well as programming for our Smart Home platform.

Network setup training

This training covers when a network is required, network design examples, and configuring and certifying a network.

Service & support training

In order to provide the best service to our partners and their customers, LittleBird training covers general Video Intercom maintenance, troubleshooting process, service ticket management, and LittleBird support requirements and process.


We offer three certifications based on our training curriculum. Certified LittleBird Partner meets sales, design, and installation training requirements. Certified LittleBird Technician meets installation and support training requirements. Certified LittleBird Designer meets design and network training requirements.

LittleBird Channel Partner onboarding process

Online Application
Onboarding Consultation
Partner Agreement (and Celebration!)
Team Introductions
Training & Certification
First Project

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