Smart Access

Secure your property while still helping residents and their visitors feel welcome with a modern smart access platform.

The LittleBird Video Intercom is an innovative video intercom platform featuring guest & visitor management plus smartphone credentials.

12" Touchscreen
apartment entry system 12 inch display
10" Screen with Keypad
apartment entry system 10 inch screen
7" Screen with Keypad
apartment entry system 7 inch with keypad

The Next Gen intercom is coming this winter!

LittleBird is proud to announce the new standard in access control technology: the LittleBird Gen 3 Video Intercom.

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Resident benefits

Property benefits

Discover the LittleBird Access Control System

Our video intercom and telephone entry system is efficient, modular, and cost-effective, letting us provide a game-changing alternative to traditional telephone entry call boxes.
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Visitor management

Increase safety by giving your residents a robust set of tools for managing visitors requesting access to the property.

Video intercom
Let residents know exactly who's requesting gate entry with a powerful one-way video intercom feature.
Support for non-smartphones
Allow residents without smartphones to use traditional voice calls with visitors at the gate.
Delivery convenience
Adapt to the ever-growing use of delivery services by allowing convenient, one-time property access.
apartment entry system

Guest management

Allow residents to securely manage both property and unit access for guests—and to immediately remove it when no longer needed.

Phone-based access
Empower residents to send gate and door codes by text message, with no need to hand off keys or fobs. 
Increased security
Provide convenient tools that minimize unsafe workarounds (such as propping gates open for visitors).
Scheduled access
Let residents configure when guests have access (and immediately remove that access when no longer needed).
apartment guests

Integrated home access

Implement a single, integrated solution that controls access from the property gate through to the resident's front door.

Keyless entry
Allow your residents to use their phone to access their front door instead of traditional keys or fobs.
Guest access
Empower residents to grant full-time or scheduled access to their homes for friends, family, or other guests.
Remotely grant scheduled access to vacant units for cleaners, painters, or other providers when residents move out.
keyless apartment entry

Smartphone credentials

Bring your property into the future by allowing residents to use their mobile phone as a credential at any access points

Resident appeal
Set your property apart as a modern and forward-looking community by embracing mobile-friendly access.
Cost savings
Save money by eliminating keys, cards, and fobs by using the one thing residents always have with them: their phone.
Increased security
Use phones as access credentials to eliminate unauthorized key copying and card or fob handoffs.
gate access control using

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