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Our strong culture empowers us to deliver remarkable solutions for our clients while our passion for what we do drives us forward each day.

Who We Are

LittleBird is a team of 30+ driven, talented individuals focused on building world-class resident experience technology for communities with a specific focus on Smart Access, Smart Home, and Smart Community features.

Our innovation, drive, and passion have enabled us to leap past other players in the market to deliver industry-changing technologies to residential communities.

Our Focus:
LittleBird builds resident experience technology for communities.

  • Resident Experience

    We focus exclusively on technologies that affect residents, including Smart Home devices, Smart Access solutions, and Smart Community features.

  • Technology

    We design and build new technologies to deliver comfort, convenience, and peace of mind, and to help residents feel a stronger sense of connection to their homes and neighbors.

  • Communities

    We apply our time and attention toward solving problems for communities, including apartments, condos, student housing, assisted living, single-family communities, etc.

Our Purpose

Our core purpose is CONNECTION. Everything we do is based around that concept.

Smart Access

Smart Access features connect residents with their guests and visitors, bringing people together while preserving safety and security.

Smart Home

Smart Home features connect residents to their homes to give them comfort, convenience, and peace of mind.

Smart Community

Smart Community features connect residents with community staff, neighbors, and local businesses.

We accomplish this by connecting devices, systems, and infrastructure together into a single, seamless mobile app for residents.

Our Culture

LittleBird's culture is built on five core values, which we exemplify in our work each day

  • Resolve

    We value pushing past fears to undertake great projects and overcoming challenges to accomplish our goals.

  • Helpfulness

    We value improving people’s lives and real-world situations. We have a genuine desire to solve problems.

  • Thoughtfulness

    We value putting our minds to work and understanding deeper issues before jumping into action.

  • Ingenuity

    We value applying our curiosity, creativity, and resourcefulness to create real-world solutions to current and future issues.

  • Flexibility

    We value openness to change and readiness to adapt to new information and situations. We build in a way that allows for evolution and growth.

Our Past and Future

LittleBird was founded by a low-voltage service provider with extensive experience in working with multifamily communities to apply security, access, and automation technology in a way that improves residential life.

The core ideas that became LittleBird took shape after years of seeing the unmet need in the market: fully-integrated access and smart home features, property access through smartphone credentials, streamlined operations for management staff, an emphasis on creating real communities, and a single mobile app for residents to tie it all together.

LittleBird was  founded at the beginning of 2018. Our team and products have developed rapidly since then, and we continue to grow as we add major new features and products based on customer demand and market direction. We’re in this for the long haul, and we’re going to continue to push for innovation, efficiency, and great resident experiences for decades to come.

Our Parent Company

LevelUp, founded in 2018, is the parent company of LittleBird. LevelUp focuses on building technology solutions that deliver comfort, convenience, and peace of mind for residential and commercial properties.

LittleBird is LevelUp’s flagship company, focusing on smart technology for residential properties, including Smart Home, Smart Access, and Smart Community solutions.

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