Why a LittleBird access control system is right for your property

The age of access control

Choosing the right access control system is a significant responsibility for multifamily properties. Whether you’re concerned with security, convenience, or resident peace of mind, the LittleBird access control system has it all. With access readers for all types of credentials and state-of-the-art video intercom technology, your residents will never have to worry about lockouts or complicated guest management ever again. 

LittleBird's apartment smart access

Modern access control systems are moving towards keyless entry, and LittleBird access readers are leading the way. They can be placed at gates and doors on property to ensure that no unauthorized access is gained. Their versatility sets them apart in the world of access readers, since the LittleBird readers are compatible with traditional keys, fobs, and smartphone credentials. 

The LittleBird video intercoms are becoming the new standard in entry system technology. They are intuitively designed for easy use and maximum security. One-way video calls ensure that the privacy of residents is never infringed upon, so residents can see who’s at the gate or door without ever leaving their apartment. The intercoms’ connection to the LittleBird resident app also sets them apart in the modern market. Residents have complete control over guest and visitor management, so they can grant and revoke access whenever they want with just the push of a button. 

All aspects of LittleBird’s access control system can be monitored and controlled from the manager portal, giving property administrators complete authority over their property’s security. This level of autonomy and oversight brings properties into the future of multifamily housing security, and nowhere is there a more complete and convenient opportunity than LittleBird’s.