Smart Devices 101

Smart technology is the latest must-have in the multifamily industry. Residents expect the modernity and convenience of home automation, and it affords an unprecedented level of administration control for property managers. But smart technology can also be a daunting prospect without the right information, so here is a brief guide to everything you need to know about smart apartment living. 

Popular devices

A smart apartment is a unit equipped with technology that can connect to residents’ phones and other devices for maximum control. Some of the most popular smart devices for apartments include:

  • Smart lights: Residents can turn their lights on and off from their phone, no matter where they are. 
  • Smart locks: Residents never have to worry about lost keys or doors left unlocked, since they can control their locks and get into their apartment using an app. 
  • Smart thermostats: Residents have complete and easy control over the atmosphere in their apartments, which is an attractive feature for many.  

LittleBird Smart Devices

LittleBird has one of the most advanced smart home systems in the multifamily industry. Each product connects to one another via a Z-wave hub and can be controlled through the LittleBird mobile app, so residents have the ultimate control and peace of mind in their homes. 

Entire communities can be smart as well. LittleBird Smart Access technology includes video intercoms and access readers to ensure properties are secure and residents have the peace of mind they deserve. LittleBird’s Smart Community makes communication smart too, by elevating the way residents talk to each other, their property managers, and the local community. There is no end to the possibilities of smart technology, and companies like LittleBird are helping properties maximize the opportunities.

Smart ROI

Smart living isn’t just called that because technology is smart. It’s also a smart choice for residents and property owners. Implementing smart apartment technology has a lot of benefits, such as:

  • Increased ROI: Residents will be willing to pay more for the convenience and security of smart technology.
  • Resident retention: The comfort of living in a home automated unit will encourage residents to stay longer, especially if they feel more connected to the property through amenities like Smart Community. 
  • Sustainability: Smart technology helps apartments become more energy efficient and environmentally responsible. This not only makes properties more attractive to residents, but it also helps save money on things like electricity and water with the right devices. 

Smart living starts with the right resources. LittleBird wants to bring the convenience and usefulness of smart apartment technology to multifamily properties everywhere, to ensure that every resident gets the smart experience they deserve.