New Feature: Community Views

July 1, 2021

Welcome to Community Views

LittleBird has introduced a new feature to Smart Community! The LittleBird mobile app, which facilitates seamless communication between residents, managers, and the local community, now features an addition called Community Views. 

Community Views helps residents use amenities more efficiently and plan their visits to places like the gym or the pool. Using the LittleBird mobile app, residents can access cameras in public amenity areas to check attendance, as well as access data for the most popular and most quiet times. Property managers can also use this data to track amenity usage and monitor activity. LittleBird is constantly adapting, improving its user platform for the comfort and convenience of the communities it serves, and this innovative feature reflects the company’s commitment to residents’ needs. 

Like every other element in Smart Community, Community Views connects residents with their property and makes them feel more at home. LittleBird’s unique focus on resident experience is embodied in this feature, and it gives residents a new opportunity to enjoy the convenience of a LittleBird community.

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